Victoria Community Living Pty Ltd (VCL) is a private organisation providing community-based  rehabilitation and support for for people with cognitive impairments including Acquired Brain Injury (ABI).

VCL is a registered NDIS service provider.

Our Services

VCL offers programs that are tailored to the individual and delivered by highly skilled, trained staff. These programs support people with cognitive impairments including ABI to live in the community with maximal independence and assist people to work towards their rehabilitation and life goals.

Occupational Therapy Support

VCL Occupational Therapists are AHPRA registered employees, whom have specialist training to work effectively with people who have an ABI and/or other cognitive impairments.

VCL Occupational Therapists deliver specific interventions and play an important role in coordinating and administering each participants overall program that provides opportunities to develop independent living, behavioural, coping and social communication skills.

VCL Occupational Therapists are dedicated to helping participants achieve their goals and will do so in the most effective way possible, with a personalised service.

This is all achieved though one to one, hands-on practice of everyday activities and routines in the participants home or community

Case Management

Case Managers provide assistance to enable our  participants with ABI and/or other cognitive impairments to live in the community through provision of structured coordination of the requirements of their daily living.

Case management services are inclusive of, but not limited to: program coordination and establishment, identifying and sourcing appropriate services, scheduling and supporting attendance at medical appointments, overseeing disability support programs, managing the search for housing for rental or purchase, managing transition to new accommodation, and assisting clients undertake research before major and minor purchases.

Behaviour Support

VCL Behaviour Support Specialists work directly with participants, their support workers, families, and external teams to create individualised strategies that are responsive to the participants goals and needs, in a way that reduces and eliminates the need for the use of regulated restrictive practices.

VCL Behaviour Support Specialists will work collaboratively with participants and their teams to develop positive behaviour support plans (PBSP) to address behaviours of concern (BOC) and ensure participants are being supported in a way in which they are agreeable.

All VCL Behaviour Support Providers meet the requirements outlined in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (Restrictive Practices and Behaviour Support) Rules 2018.

Support Coordination

VCL Support Coordinators provide our participants with assistance to comfortably navigate the NDIS and understand their NDIS plan.

To ensure services are utilised that meet the participants needs and assist them to achieve their goals, VCL Support Coordinators work directly with them, their families/nominees, and external providers in a collaborative manner to identify suitable services (including plan managers) enabling choice and control over who they work with.

VCL Support Coordinators will negotiate supports on behalf of the participant and allocate NDIS funds accordingly to the preferred service provider, At the discretion of the participant VCL Support Coordinators offer advise on how supports can be best used to help them achieve their goals.

Victoria Community Living is an approved NDIS registered service provider:


Assist-Life Stage/Transition

Assist personal activities

Assist travel/transport

Behaviour support

Home modification

Development life skills

Early Childhood supports

Household tasks

Participate community

Support coordination

Therapeutic supports

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